The Antigua & Barbuda Humane Society was registered as an Antiguan charity under the Friendly Societies Act in August 1991 and subsequently incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the Companies Act1995 in January 2004. The Humane Society is associated with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (“RSPCA”) and is a Member Society of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (“WSPA”).

Our primary missions are:

To improve the welfare of animals through humane education and the prevention of cruelty, and to offer shelter and humane care to all animals in need of protection in the State of Antigua and Barbuda.

Board of Directors:

Karen M. Corbin, LL.B. President/Executive Director
Radcliffe Robins, DVM Vice President/Veterinary Advisor
Bryan O’Neill Treasurer
Lilian Baank Secretary
Mitzi Allen Public Relations Officer
Phillip Abbott
Carol-Faye George

The Humane Society is a very active and growing organization that plays an important national role in animal welfare and animal control. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Animal Shelter with an active adoption programme
  • Petting Farm where children can learn about animals, hands-on
  • Animal Sanctuary for abandoned donkeys, horses and small ruminants.
  • Bi-weekly low-cost spay/neuter clinics
  • Creation of a children’s television show, Pet Playhouse

In 2004, the Humane Society submitted draft legislation to Government for a system of dog identification and registration. The Dog Registration and Control Act was finally enacted in 2006 and it is now mandatory that all dogs over the age of 6 months be microchipped and registered, and wear a dog tag. Registration fees are dramatically reduced for spayed/neutered dogs. The Act also includes provisions for humane care and control of dogs, including a provision that all dogs be on their owners’ property or under their owners’ direct control at all times.

All of these efforts have been possible only with the support of the community, and overseas donors who have understood our mission and have supported it..

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